HEALTHCARE: We have worked with some of the largest Hospital Networks, Orthopedic Groups, and Insurance Providers in the country,  producing original content for HR, Marketing, and Training efforts. We’ve also provided secondary services for their in house production teams.  We find these professionals to be inspiring for their dedication to their service.

LUXURY SENIOR LIVING: Today’s senior living communities are like five-star hotels, with luxury homes and apartments, exceptional dining, engaged activities, and concierge services. We find these clients, their staff, and the residents to be delightful. We’ve partnered with senior living management companies to produce community tours, service overviews, resident testimonials and bio-stories, training an development, and custom eLearning solutions.

MANUFACTURING & SERVICE: Our manufacturing and service clients have run the gamut from aluminum production and trucking to retail displays and land surveying. Although each was as unique as the next, our goal was always simple. Provide the highest quality content that produces the highest return for our client. And we’ve done that with an anti-union campaign and installation videos to brand stories and company profiles.

TECHNOLOGY: Our technology clients have included software companies, investment banking, data processing organizations, and information technology. Often times, we are task with taking a complex subject and breaking it down into context that everyday people can understand. After all, we are trying to sell sophisticated ideas. We’ve produced company profiles, talent acquisition, product and strive overviews, and sales and training videos for these clients.

RETAIL: Our retail clients have included electronics, apparel, food services, and hospitality. Our projects have, often, focused on sales and marketing of these products and services. Although each project was unique in its own right, they all had two things in common: framed to solve a problem and the unique selling proposition.


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