BRAND DEVELOPMENT: What makes your business unique, who you’re intending to serve, your value proposition, and your story are all essential parts of developing your brand. As your business evolves over time, you will need to refresh your brand to reflect pivotal changes. And when you do, your initiative need not necessarily be a grand undertaking nor an expensive one to make an impact. Understanding the basic principles of brand development can give you a better position to evaluate your brand and your marketing plans. .

4K VIDEO PRODUCTION: Your company image is important and what shows on the screen will ultimately put that front and center. So, you have to begin with the best gear and experience in using it. In turn, our production services begin with great quality and our inventory of camera, lighting, and audio packages deliver just that. We also, put in place the right people to accomplish the perfect task. We can take the show on location and in-studio.

EDITORIAL & POST PRODUCTION: Our post-production is fulfilled with Adobe Creative Suite and an array of accompany software to make that perfect edit come together. We provide color grading, audio mix, voice-over, and  music selection. Compositing and graphics can often bring that footage to life and tell your story in the most exciting of ways.

AERIAL DRONE COVERAGE: Nothing compares to the footage you can capture from a drone. The footage you obtain with drones will give your video a professional edge. Panoramic shots, crowd fly-overs and large-scale photos come to life when captured using the best quality drones. Drones can capture large-scale scenes unlike any other camera. With sky-high views and close-up shots, drones can create a cinematic feel.

MULT-PLATFORM DELIVERY:  Multi-platform offers a rapidly growing opportunity for brands to have greater impact and bring larger revenue than single platform. From mobile applications, streaming, and VOD to  video platforms (like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia), and social channels (like FaceBook and Instagram), it’s more vital than ever that brands create content across all these channels and not just for the home page of their website. The ability to target very specific niches translates to a broader reach and deeper relationship with consumers.

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