Story Strategy

Creating The Road Map

When it’s time to start creating that ever important content for your business, we don’t just show up and start shooting. We must first determine your goals and objectives. Are you creating brand awareness, looking to support the sales team, or wanting to build trust among your current customers? These questions are vital to the success of your campaign.

Right? You say. Doesn’t everyone do this? They should, but to varying degrees. With smaller budgets, we have found producers and content creators unwilling to invest the time it takes to dive deep into the needs and challenges of their clients. For us, this blueprint is essential. We understand the importance of your investment and know that your reputation is on the line.


  • Kick off consultation to explore and evaluate your goals and expectations
  • A chance for you to review our skills and attitudes to see if we’re a good match
  • Determine level of engagement between you and us


  • StoryBand Framework Blueprint
  • Determine audience and platform analysis
  • Craft specific messages and creative


  • Reviewing of specific needs
  • Creation of a creative brief and project budget for review and approvals
  • Research & Consulting
  • Final scripting, expectation sheet, project outline, and production scheduling.

With this said, there are many clients we work with that have been with us for many years. We are an extension of their company, understanding their brand, messaging, and needs so well, that we can often bypass most of this development phase. We hope you can become one of those partners, as well.

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