Living Legacy Video

cinema-style living legacy video

Capturing The Memories of Your Life

Family stories have been told and some retold. But, those stories soon get lost in time. By capturing the memories, values, and stories of your family history, from parents or grand parents, you can timelessly preserve those important milestones, funny stories, and family traditions.

With a cinema-style living legacy video, we assist those families interested in capturing these life events. Through thoughtful interviews, a narrative story structure, and creative editorial, our videos are delivered in a unique package that will be shared with those that matter most.

some story samples we love


LEONARD: World View + Running

CHAROLETTE: Barber Shops + Values

ADELE: Seamstress + Growing Up

GLAYDS & DAUGHTERS: Famous Christie’s + Military Service

RIFKIN & CAROL: How We Meet + Business Victory


This is important to you and that’s why it is important to us. We work to make the process straight forward, seamless, comfortable, and fun. We pay attention to the details, so you don’t have to. The end result is always worth it.


Discovering those important life moments is vital in creating the right story. From the beginning, we take the time to get to know you, uncover what’s available for our production, and determine the best way to get it right.

  • 30 minute pre-interview with subject
  • production discovery
  • outline of planned narrative
  • schedule the interview


This is where the magic happens. We make the interview process fun and efficient. We will take the time to capture photos, activities, and cinematic elements to pull your story together. Then, we take in for a full edit treatment.

  • 1 Hour Interview
  • capture supplemental footage
  • gather any additional elements required
  • editorial and packaging


Your Living Legacy is complete and it’s moment you’ve been waiting for. We deliver a finished cinema-style video and additional assets for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.

  • 7-9 minute cinema-style legacy video
  • full interview in video and audio format
  • two thumb drives with finished assets
  • online archive of finished assets for family access


How much does this cost and what do I get?
Our standard package is typically enough for families and costs $3,800.00. We provide a finished 7-9 minute cinema-style legacy video, the full interview in video and audio format, two thumb drives with final assets, and online archive for family access.

How long does the entire process take?
We are on your schedule. We can generally have pre-screenings complete within a week. Our shooting process will take from 3-5 hours and the completed project will be ready within a week of completing production.

What do I need to do to prepare?
Leave it all up to us. We will set expectations and complete a pre-screening to include pre-interview and production discovery. You will know what is entailed throughout the whole process. No surprises.

Do you use our family photos and video?
We love to include historical and family photos in our videos. We will typical shoot video of photos to tell an interesting and complete story. If those can be on hand during production that would be helpful. We are capable of digitizing family photos and old video footage for inclusion.

Do I need to clean up my house for video shoot?
No need for a deep cleaning. We will find the right place, in your environment to conduct the interview. We like to capture footage of the location, featuring personal artifacts and general activity footage. We only think it lends to the aesthetic of your project. Again, we find the best places to capture.

How are payments made?
We understand the hesitantly of such an investment and we want to transparent. We typically ask for 50% of budget at the onset of the project, with 25% at the conclusion of production, and the remaining 25% upon delivery. We can make installment arrangements to fit your needs. Payments are typically made via check or cash apps, like Venmo or PayPal.


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